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The WebBuilder Pro has arrived!
Sourcing Machine SA The WebBuilder Pro has arrived!


The pro package will provide you will all the features and functionality of the plus package and more. If you require a custom designed Website then the pro package is for you. Your package also includes the facility to create a Web store for your customers on request.
Features and Functionality[/b]
•    Sourcing Promotional Products
•    Sourcing Industry Service Providers
•    Create Idea Sheets
•    Create Quote Sheets
•    Create E-Catalogues
•    Create E-Flyers
•    Create Virtual Samples
•    Website on your own Company Domain eg www.yourcompany.co.za
•    Take full control of your metadata management(SEO)
•    We can create you a custom designed Website Template (Your own Look and Feel with your logo Integrated)
•    Create Customer Web Store
•    Add Rotating Banner Campaigns
•    Sources Products Direct from your Tables or Iphone.

[b]For more information contact us 087 490 0999[/b]

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