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With over 1700 extra products, Check out Brandability Express
SourceM Administrator With over 1700 extra products, Check out Brandability Express

Brandability Express is an online discount wholesaler of a wide variety of brands from leading manufacturers and suppliers of corporate gifts and promotional products in South Africa.

Brandability Express is part of The Brandability Group of companies which includes the Brandability and Brand Factor web stores, and has offices in both Johannesburg and Cape Town. Due to our infrastructure we are able to supply and distribute discounted corporate gifts and clothing to Resellers throughout Africa.

Brandability Express came about as a direct result of the frequent requests we receive from Resellers, for discounted corporate gifts from major suppliers in South Africa.
The Brandability Group has established excellent relations, resulting in significant buying power, with most of the major corporate gifts suppliers in South Africa.

Brandability Express was formed to offer Resellers substantial discounts on promotional products they would otherwise find it difficult to qualify for. We use our buying power to give smaller corporate gift Resellers access to better prices, which gives them the ability to compete with some of the larger companies for price sensitive orders.

By registering with Brandability Express, Resellers are able to buy the same corporate gifts from the same suppliers they usually do, but at a greater discount than what they would get if they went directly to the supplier themselves.

Brandability Express is strictly a TRADE-ONLY supplier, so you first need to register as a Reseller by clicking the button below.


Once you’ve been approved as a Reseller, you’ll be able to log in and compare our prices with those you’re currently receiving from your supplier.

Please also visit our How To Order page for all the details.

Register with Brandability Express today and make the most of what our discount prices will do for your bottom line!

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